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Creating a menu - ADVANCED version (step by step) - video 🎬

How to create an advanced nutrition, ingredient and recipe-based menu in NutriBot.

Table of contents:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:41 Step 1: Creating Recipes
00:03:11 Step 2: Creating a Menu
00:05:24 Step 3: Choosing starting meal plan, variant and portion size
00:05:54 Start 4: Creating a meal list for starting the meal plan
00:07:05 Step 5: Adding recipes and ingredients to the menu
00:10:32 Daily norm summary
00:12:14 Day nutrition balancing - portioning
00:15:19 Step 6: Scaling meals into different portion sizes
00:17:12 Step 7: Completing remaining meal plan variants
00:21:06 Step 8: Completing the 2nd meal plan
00:24:49 Step 9: Scaling meals to other portion sizes in the 2nd meal plan
00:25:57 Step 10: Completing the rest of the meal plans
00:26:33 Menu status
00:27:22 Step 11: Completing the rest of the days on the menu
00:28:10 Step 12: Checking the correctness of work and publication of the menu